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Which is the potential of chinese market?
You could multiply 30 times your possibilities of success. More than 1.300 million people can see you in the 30 chinese websites that we collaborate to post and promotion your real estate, being at least three of them selected to sell your product depending of its available. We guarantee you to arrive to all potential investors and chinese customers. Logos Web
Web Taiyang
To sell in China, we have the way
We translate your advertisement
If they don’t understand, they don’t buy. Few Chinese people speak English so It’s essential the translation. Our team to Mandarin translation is done by native Chinese persons.
We take the call
Now the time difference and the language is not a problem, we attend to investors with our Call Center 24/7 with chinese staff.
Call Center
Web China
A Microsite in China for me?
Yes, you have a microsite in our web, this website is  hosting in a Chinese server, your classified advertisement won’t had obstacles, barriers or firewall, your properties is posted immediatly in China.
How do they see me?
We give you all the tools for they see your real estate the best way possible: You can upload pictures, video, special benefits and stronger points of your properties.
Como me ven
Only for you
We perform your ad statistics to track visits and optimize it making it even more attractive to the Chinese investor.
Your advertisement appear located in a map, beside the interest points near to you property to do it more appealing to the investors.

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which are the benefits of

We offer the possibility of expanding your product or service to a new international market on an easy and confortable way.Thus increasing and accelerating sales opportunities.

We make an easy way to search for products, bringing them closer to the sellers to deposit their investment.