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We are an innovative company that reverses the usual process of buying in China. The Chinese do not only manufacture and sell but also buy, accessing to more than 500 million users with internet access.

Advertising in China through Selling2china you can open the window to take your business to a new audience, finding the partner you are looking for or the job opportunity that you want.

Our ads are linked to the world's largest search engine and used by Chinese citizens, without this it would be virtually invisible to the Asian market.

Our website is designed and adapted to the needs of Chinese users. A common mistake is to try to sell or reach Chinese consumers without knowing their priorities, tastes or cultural ideas. With us you will jump all the barriers.


Professional translation
Less than 1% of Chinese citizens speak English and even they prefer to consume information in their native language.
Time Difference
We attend your buyers 24 hours a Call Center system, your customers will always have a response.
Instant Access
Our servers are hosted in China, avoiding the blockade and offering a quick and adaptable access to all the devices.
Support and Advice
Our team is formed by multidisciplinary people of different nationalities trained to solve problems.
The direct presence in China guarantees to realize all the necessary steps in the sales process with the final consumers.
Web Platform
Our platform will offer uploading your ad and move it to our server located in China quickly, easily and without delay.
Secure Shopping
Once you choose one of our payment products, you do it through some of the most secure systems that is available by today.
Continuous improvement of our services, incorporating the technological innovations of the moment is always in constant renewal.